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about us

What lies Between the Bones?

A welcome sanctuary to busy life. A place where all people can move and grow with practice and artistic freedom. Teachers who care and connect. A stage where imagination and form collaborate to entice and inspire. Explore. Awaken. Practice. Evoke.

Welcome to Between the Bones.

This is where movement happens.

Between the Bones is the place for all those who seek to connect through artistic movement expressions. Our class schedule and times provide diverse movement genres for all ages from the beginner through the professional. Our exceptional faculty share the dedicated interest of healing and enhancing the body, heart and mind through the rigor and practices of Ballet, Yoga, Movement Research, Creative Movement, Contemporary Modern Dance, and the performances of students and professional companies.

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I have always been a dancer

Even before I studied dance,  I was making wild dance performances with costumes jumping out of trees as the neighbors watched or off the coffee table in our living room

I have a passion to know and to learn 

This has led me through countless stories and histories, fabrics and paints, trainings and travels across the world and back

I enjoy the process and the chase 

My mind and my heart are always trying to put together well crafted moments  

I love going to too much trouble and time creating a performance and the magical moment when it all comes to life

I am most inspired by the laughter and play in children, their fearless belief that anything is possible and their adaptability to change  

I am grateful to those that come to dream, to train, to contribute 

who help me make this alive space of dance

- Mary Lynn Lewark

Artistic Director and Founder of Between the Bones Studio Collective